Prosperity for generations

The New World

the second class 

 Everyone all around the world ,can help me by hearing my voice, and intellectual look to the countries of the world ,also their people.
and look deeply regardless of color,religion,or affiliation and more importantly greed for what he has of materials . 
there are many inhabitants of the earth wondering ???
Why do we live in poverty and there are overseas they live much butter???
better lifThis question is the main cause of mass migration to live this better life,
We have knowledge that the land on which we live belongs to all of us ,so did this vast difference in quality of life.
The main reason is hatred and violence,love to control these rotten thoughts is not the principle of the new word,also not 
also not the principle of free developed global societies >
(The new world we believe ,is the one that looks into your eyes and cultivate freedom,progress and mutual respect)

Equal rights and duties>

The new world that we believe ,wants to include all the inhabitants of the earth and continents in the movement of scientific and economic development 
,that is the basic desire
and this is what will happen in the future ,despite obstacles justice will be achieved and equality will be realized in the world
there will be no significant difference between countries of the world in terms of standard of living,poverty and hunger will be eradicated
Because we believe in the values of justice and equality arrogance over these fleeting values will not last,these eternal values are at the heart of human formation and must win one day>
In order to cross this historic stage you need to know how to move with the events around you ,and look around for the best ways and methods 
for succeed also for progress in your economic life and ,mange it properly.
Dont stand aside and watch the world pass by in front of you without doing anything,search and practice at your place,and you will
find what you are looking for,look for everything that has material value to be able to trade ,when you are successful and make money
sure that your life will change.
At first learn and trader by word,that you can sell anything,after that examine the results,dont stop there try again,and repeat until 
become your habit,so you become a trader,so for the rest of the economic life.
                in the end the new world needs you and your abilities for progress and prosperity for generations to come 
and young peaple are indispensable to lead this development
                          I hope that my article fell on the ears and peace be upon you.  
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